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Since I'm Here

So, now that Jen has lured me into coming around the blog, I guess I'll stay a while and do some jaw flappin'.

Let's just have us a little update.

Let's begin with the living situation. I went on and on about hating my apartment and hating the location. Amazingly, I've found a house for $65/month less than my apartment. Not to mention that, but it also has a garage, which would cost $125/month at my apartment. Add that up, and we're talking a would-be savings of $190/month. That's nearly $2300/year. And did I mention it is a house?! It has two really big bedrooms, a large dining room, and a large living room with built-in curio cabinet and a real fireplace (as in not that gas crap). The kitchen has new appliances and very nice new cabinets. The garage is a drive-under into the basement. Yeah, it even has a basement. I'm moving next weekend. I'm really excited. No more assholes living below me who complain that their ceiling creaks when I walk. Uh, hello, you live on the second floor. Someone lives above you. Deal with it. No more assholes parking on top of me in the parking lot because they are assholes and won't park correctly. (Seriously, they won't, no one just can't park that badly, and even if that were the case, they could pull back and straighten up. Really.) So, needless to say, I'm psyched. Come help me move???

Now, I guess I'll talk about everything else. I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out in the next six months. It is scheduled for September 5th now, but I may have to move it up if the discomfort gets worse. They are impacted, and they are pushing on my back teeth and moving things forward. I wanted to wait as long as I could, but I may not be able to. Luckily, my out-of-pocket expense will only be a little over $500. I was expecting two grand, so I'm kind of happy about that. I've recently found out I have hypothyroidism. They gave me some drugs, and I go back on Tuesday to see how things are going. I've felt amazingly better lately, but I've had a few things come up (medically) that I'm afraid may be associated with the medicine, and I've been worried about that. In better news, my boyfriend and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. That's strange. It seems like we've been together a lot longer. I wish I could say I think he'll pop the question soon, but he still has a freakin' 100 years left of school; so, at this rate, I don't think we'll ever get married. But I still like him, I guess.

I guess that's a good enough update for the past month and a half. Maybe I won't wait so long next time, but let's be realistic. I probably will. See you next month...

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