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About Me

Since that damn "about me" section won't let you write more than 1200 characters, and my life is ever so slightly longer than that, here is an about me for your shits and giggles, and, well, mine, too! Oh, and, by the way, no, that picture is not retouched. Those are my eyes.

Well, let's see...
I'm an oldest-only child. My mother left me (and my dad) when I was very young. My dad remarried, but didn't have any more kids, hence, the only. My mom, however, proceeded to marry twice more and have a son with one man and another daughter with the other. Hence, the oldest. (She then proceeded to marry twice more, but this is supposed to be about me.) Strangely, it was my mother's parents who took a huge role in my upbringing. My dad worked in the metro-Atlanta area when I was a kid, so he was gone from really early to really late with the commute. My grandparents are my heroes, my grandmother is my guardian angel, and may God rest my papa's soul. (Yeah, I miss him--a lot.) I proceeded to prove to my dad that I didn't need his boss' money. (The story here is that his boss' son was Salutatorian, and he told me he was sorry he didn't have the money to give me what that guy had so I could do that well. Needless to say, I didn't need it.) I graduated Valedictorian from my high school. It got me into Emory, and I got a half-tuition merit-based scholarship. I should have taken it. I was invited, yes, invited, to be in University of Georgia’s honor’s program, and they gave me some merit-based monies, too. So, I decided that instead of paying back, like, a million dollars to Emory, I’d get paid by UGA to go school. And that’s what I did. I was young and na├»ve then, and I thought I was going to medical school. I obviously didn’t, but I can honestly say that I’m happy about that. I think medical school is something you have to want with every inch of your being, and, well, I just didn’t. But I was smart. Before I started school, I got something in the mail from the engineering program at Georgia. (Yes, for the thousandth time, UGA has engineering. And, yes, they had it before GA Tech even existed. Yeah. So shut it.) I actually got an appointment with the department head, which completely floored me. He sat and talked with me, a nobody high school senior, for over an hour about the engineering program. I was more than impressed. Since the Biological Engineering program required every class in the pre-med curriculum except Organic Chemistry 2, I picked Biological Engineering with a Biochemical Emphasis as my major, thinking I could use it to go to med school. Like I said, I didn’t, but like I also said, I was smart. I chose a degree I could use in the case I didn’t go to med school. Smart move, kiddies, pay attention, always have a backup plan. And, now, I’m a Water and Wastewater Civil Engineer for a great company. You wouldn’t think that my major applies, but it does. Think water and wastewater treatment, you’ve got some biological shit in there, and literally sometimes. I moved to Kennesaw from the Athens-area for this job. (Yes, I actually grew up there, and, yes, it makes it so much less intriguing.) I miss my family, who all live up there, sometimes. OK, I miss them a lot of times. Especially grandma. But, I’ve met a great guy here. I am still trying to meet people. It’s so much harder to do that when you’re not in school! But, I really like it. It’s not the country, which I am, but it will do. And that’s pretty much my entire life in a nutshell.

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  1. You Rock. 100% Real and Original.


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