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No Ringie Dingie?

I must be a really bad friend or something.

I try really hard to make people feel welcome and loved, and I end up feeling shunned and friendless. I guess it just seems that way to me. I guess it just seems like I go out of my way for people. I guess it just seems like I spend money on my friends and family when I don't have money for myself. I guess, in reality, I'm a really terrible person who is mean to people and only thinks of myself. That surely must be the case since everyone acts the way they do.

I've made it a point to send a birthday card to every single one of my close family and friends this year (when it was his or her birthday). Not a single one was called to say thank you--or even that they got the card! I got one thank you in an email. I feel like that is good enough appreciation, don't get me wrong, but can't someone call once-in-a-while?

Why is it that I always call people, and they never call me back? Am I that girl? Am I one of those people no one really wants to talk to? I don't feel like that person. I try to be a good friend. I care a lot for people, and I honestly want to know how they are doing. You know, "How's yer Momma an'nem?" (For you less than southern folks, that's, "How is your Mother and them", i.e., "How are you and your family?")

I call my friends as regularly as I can. Usually, it is no answer. Sometimes I get a call back, but mostly I don't. I know people are busy. I am busy. But, am I so bad that I don't deserve a call back? Don't I deserve that ounce of respect and courtesy and caring?

Listen! One ringie dingie. Is that your phone? Two ringie dingie. Maybe that's me calling. Three ringie dingie. And maybe you should answer it. Four ringie dingie. Or at least call me back. Asshole.

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  1. Hey Asshole... give me your number. I really did appreciate the birthday card... seriously, I thought e-mail was better than nothing... oh yeah and when is your birthday? I am over the hill now, so you will have to help me out and not get mad if I forget with old timers! Peace out... Sweet Cheeks


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