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Reception Hall Directions

I am feeling like the cutesy wootsy artsy fartsy type. I know. Scary.

Anywho, I had a really cute idea for the wedding, and I want to share it with all the other stressed brides out there. If I can help, I always want to.

This is a bubble tube with directions to the reception hall attached. It is really simple and inexpensive--and very cute, as you can see! The pack of bubble tubes is $7 for 36 at Michaels. The business cards are $7 for 250 at Office Max, and the ribbon is $.50 per 10 yard roll at Michaels. I also bought a heart shaped (gah, the cuteness!), single hole punch (1/4") for $6 at Office Max. My total invested for 72 is about $30. You can't beat that with a stick.

Assembly is very easy, once you get your business cards printed. Be patient, the template never prints exactly right, and you WILL have to try again and again. I recommend printing on your fastest and lightest setting until you get it right (think draft mode), and use plain paper until you can make it line up. You will have to repeat the process for the back because the paper is flipped over and WILL be different. Once you have the cards done, simply break apart (yay for perforations!) and assemble. I recommend a 6" length of 1/4" ribbon. I did white, but you can use your wedding color, as well, and it will be very pretty. Punch a hole in one corner, being sure to stay away from text and the edge. Run the ribbon through both the bubble tube top and the business card. Tie in a knot that is loose (as in not stuck to the top of the bubbles so the card flips easily).

And, you're done. Only 71 to go. LOL.


  1. And this is me and the Miss got married at the courthouse. Might not be the most romantic,but it was the least stressful on both of us.

  2. Conservative Scalawag said...
    "And this is me and the Miss got married at the courthouse. Might not be the most romantic,but it was the least stressful on both of us."

    Don't matter where my friend as long as it works.
    As mine marriage does.

    Good luck to us all.
    PS..I think I smell spring coming.

  3. Linz, check out this dimwits blog.

    Tell me if it pissed you off as much as it pissed me off!

  4. Oh, but it is that easy! If I can do it, anyone can.

    We almost did the courthouse, too. Ours is about a step above that. Very small, only immediate family and best friends. And cake. Yummy!


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