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You've Got to be Kidding: Typing Illiteracy

Is it really possible in the year 2009 that anyone below the age of 30 cannot touch-type?

Well, it shouldn't be.

Everyone in the past 10 years has been required to take a typing class in school (at least in Georgia). I started in 6th grade. 6th grade, kids. And, while I am an exception to the norm because my dad was a programmer, and we had computers my entire life (ie, in the 80's!), I can't grasp the fact that anyone in my generation cannot at least type a little. I mean, you should not have to look around the keyboard to find a letter. Really.

I know this is totally random, but the girl at my tanning salon is a hunt and pecker of the worst persuasion. And, she can't be 30. She's been tanning her entire life, and her skin would look a hell of a lot worse if she were. (I am only tanning for a month or two before the wedding. White does not go with white skin no matter what.) It is just unbelievable to me. Did the girl not go to high school? Well, that's entirely possible. I mean, she wears an "Elite Beach Bunny" tank top every time I see her. She can't be the brightest bulb in the pack, OK.

Anyway, I think we need to start one of those nonprofits to end typing illiteracy. I mean, they must have a cookie cutter set of directions by now. There are only about 10 nonprofits for every person in the United States. I mean, just fill in the blank: The nonprofit group to end ________. It's kind of ridiculous.


  1. Heck, why don't you recommend it to Dear Leader Obama in the next stimulus plan. Typing teachers need economic stimulus too.

  2. I had to go to a typing class. How long was it? 6 weeks. I did not learn a thing because the teacher was one of those "babysitter" teachers, if you know what I mean. She bascically did not care if you were working or playing minesweeper as long as you were quiet. I learned typing by myself, and a typing teacher would probably faint at the way I do it. :-)

  3. Nice post - keep us informed of this!



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