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THE Varsity

The good ol' greasy V. The best place ever. Now, apparently, they have these things all over the place. I thought they were just in Atlanta and Athens--as in, only 2 of them. Not so much. But, I will say that the original is like no other. The constant calls of "Whaddaya have?" fill the air with something truly special. I've been to the one in Athens a few dozen times, and I have to say, it just can't compare to downtown. I had the best hotdog of my life yesterday. And, it was a hotdog. Can you say, "Nasty!"? The onion rings were as greasy as humanly possible, but delicious nonetheless. I will admit I was sick all afternoon because I never eat really greasy, nasty food like that. But, it was worth it. We'll overlook the fact that the downtown Varsity is in Tech Country (or City, really).


  1. I didn't eat there when I was in Atlanta. I wish I had known.

  2. They do have good chili dowgs don't they. However,for the best hamburgers,I've found A&W is the winner there. Or,there is a place up in Michigan called Culvers,oh those butter burgers and frozen custard are to die for.

  3. I'll take a frosted orange with with my dog please


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