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You've Got to be Kidding: City Limit Fail

So, I go to pay for my reception hall for the wedding, and I am all excited. See, if you live in the city limits, you get the smaller room for $17 an hour. For 3 hours, that's only about $50. That's cheap as hell. Now, if you don't live in the city limits, it is TWICE that, at $35 an hour, or $105 for three hours. Guess which I get to pay. Yeah, the $35 an hour. Why? Because my house sits in a tiny anomaly of outside the city limits completely surrounded by city limits. Awesome.


  1. Is that because it's a city building and you don't pay property taxes for the district? If that's the case you might ultimately be the winner. What is their reasoning?

  2. Well, seeing as I rent, I don't think so. I assume that is the reasoning, but I don't pay taxes, so I want my damn discount. Every damn body else wants a handout. Where is mine?!

  3. Yep,that kind of stinks for ya.

  4. Basically, they want you to have to get a friend who lives in the city limits, pretend that you live at that friend's address, and then you can get that discount. Notice that I did not say that you should do any of those things. I'm just thinking.

  5. I totally would do something completely illegal like that except I don't know any fucking body in Kennesaw except myself. Sad.

  6. Ha ha, Elm! Nice idea.

    Linz, this scenario is SO typical of my life, it's not funny. The same exact thing would happen to me in that case. It sometimes seems like everyone else around me is scheming, and wheeling and dealing, while I'm the only one always stuck paying full price.

    All in all, the $105 isn't bad for three hours. Be glad you don't live up here!

    Btw, when is the big day? I'm still catching up on your posts, so I'm a bit out of the loop.



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