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Turtle Tracks Ice Cream

If you have never had turtle tracks ice cream, them shits are good. It is vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered caramel turtles (actually shaped like little turtles, which there are never enough of!), chocolate covered pecans, and a swirl of caramel. Can you say "Yum"? I think you can.

But, I got to thinking about this whole turtle track thing. And, I've decided my favorite ice cream is still chocolate chip cookie dough. Why? Think about it. Do you see any turtle feet shaped tracks in that ice cream? No. You see chocolate covered hunks of nuts and caramel swirl.

Looks strikingly like poo and piss, huh? That's what I thought.

So, now I'm having a hard time chomping on those cute little turtles because I feel like I'm munching on their excrement, too. I am going back to old faithful. Chocolate chip cookie dough, here I come.


  1. I miss seeing Mayfield's yellow milk jugs! Ready to get back to TN!

  2. You mean Mayfield isn't all over? Weird. It's only the best milk I've ever tasted. No kidding.

  3. Ice cream is the devil! Haha. If only I didn't have a bridesmaid dress to squeeze into in 2 mo's I would be down with some Mayfield MOOSETRACKS! Argh....the suckyness of having a slow metabolism!

  4. moved to georgia from connecticut - between the turtle tracks ice cream, and the banana pudding ice cream.... OMG!!!!!!!! - in connecticut there was apple pie flavor i miss, but you can bake a good pie, mix with ice cream and freeze


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