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FYI: I'm One of those Shitty Husbands

I forgot my own anniversary! My blog anniversary that is. I've been at this a year now (since Feb 6th). I hope you like it. It is funny. I think I've gained more follower people since I quit ranting and raving about politics. Which makes no sense. Because who the hell wants to hear about me? LOL I know! Anywho, I just want you to know that I haven't read MSN News, AOL News, Yahoo News, Fox News, or any of the like in the past three weeks. And I like it. I am completely out of the loop except for what I learn from your so biased opinions (not a bad thing!). I guess I'll get back to my old ways some day. I hope you stick with me another year to see for yourself. Love you guys!


  1. Biased? Not me! I am RIGHT! You know that. You should see the attacks I have been getting from libs lately. I ofen have no clue what they are saying because they are obviously drop outs of the public school systems. Check out the blog about oil yesterday and see if you can follow the liberal that commented. You are an engineer. Are you up for the challenge?

  2. back at ya Linz. You're followers are all really chihuahuas with human avatars to throw you off.

  3. Glad you can write... keeps you a little more sane!

  4. NY Guy--Aww...shucks...I'm blushing...
    Star--Yeah, but a little more sane insane person is still insane...


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