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Joann Fabric Store

I am normally used to people acting like complete assholes in retail. It doesn't get to me. I went into the Joann here on Friday and got a bunch of fabric, and the guy who helped me was awesome. I was so impressed! I went back today to get more stuff--we're talking lots of stuff (I've dropped $200 there already). I was completely disappointed and disgusted.

"Christine", or so her name tag says, was a complete bitch. She made sure she didn't give me a millimeter extra of fabric (most places give you a little over the yard), and she just had a complete attitude. I asked her to cut a piece of fabric into two two-yard sections so it would be easier for me (I can't cut straight, and they have those little slots on their counters, which is so awesome). She copped a total attitude, and she was like "I'm not supposed to do that". Um, do what? Make an extra cut? That took you all of what? Two seconds?


Total worthless, waste of air bitch.

It really pissed me off.

And, THEN, that woman had the audacity to ask me if I had scissors. No, bitch, I don't have any scissors. I cut the fabric with my teeth. Would you like me to demonstrate on you?


I started to ask for a manager, and I thought, no, I should probably cool down. I'm still not cool. I just can't believe people like that can get a job, and I can't. I mean, I would never say something like that to a customer. It's insane.

Ugh. Completely and utterly disgusted...


  1. I understand your frustration,for I face the same thing at gun stores,zero idea of customer service. I would complain,but it would get me nothing in return,just more frustration.

  2. If the clerk was so unhappy dang just quit! Let someone else have the job who would appreciate it!

  3. I work in a customer service industry, and I have been reprimanded for just such behavior before. I'm ashamed to say.

  4. Frustration can get the best of you sometimes and if you can't control it you can lose you job.

  5. I mean, I can understand when you're busy you can't do things like that, but it was 10AM on a work day. There was no one in the store but me. I worked in retail for three years, and I never once said something like that to a customer. She's lucky they have the market cornered in Kennesaw, or they wouldn't have my business anymore.

  6. I beg to differ on Jo Anne corning the market my dear.


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