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Moral of the Story: Unemployment is a Joke

I'm feeling like ranting a little, and, since I got screwed by my lying company, I am dealing with the Department of Labor first hand. And, I have to tell you, and I don't want to sugar coat it for you, kids, they suck big donkey dick.

First, the maximum weekly benefit is $330 before taxes (we'll come back to that). I made three times that a week. Yeah, THREE TIMES. I can hardly live off $330 per week for gas and groceries alone! $330 per week is just enough to pay for my non-living expense bills. By non-living expense, I mean my car payment, car insurance, credit cards, and student loans. I am not even counting gas and groceries and miscellaneous expenses. And, I'm not counting any living expenses--meaning rent and utilities. Without Travis, I would have no food or gas or dry-cleaning, or new clothes (necessary new clothes, like for interviews, not wants), or whatever else. And, I sure as hell can't afford to rent any more. I'll be moving back home. Pathetic. Not to mention a burden for my dad.

Second, you have to pay taxes on unemployment benefits. Is it just me, or is that a little ridiculous? I mean, it isn't like we're working. I should have known better, though. They made me pay taxes on my scholarships in college. On scholarships. Ugh.

Third, the unemployment rate is astronomical, I get that. But, it is really that hard to staff these agencies? Hell, put some of the unemployed in there! I called yesterday because it said my PIN was locked out, and I could not log on to claim weekly benefits. It took me 30 minutes to get an answer. She said someone would have to call me back. They never did. I called back this morning. After 30 minutes of trying, I still hadn't gotten an answer. Finally, later today, I got someone. When she looked up my account, she could not find it. She could not find it. I applied two weeks ago. That is distressing. I can only hope it will be in the system by Friday when I have to certify. Not counting on it. I'm getting screwed here. I can just feel it.

I know the State is broke just like everyone else, but something has got to change. I'm not looking for a God damned handout either, Clay. I would just like to not lose my home. I would like to not ruin my credit that I've worked really hard to establish. I would like to get a fucking job doing something besides cleaning toilets. I have done my time. I've gotten my degree. I've worked the crap jobs. I don't think it's asking too much to get a decent one. I don't need a huge salary--hell, I'll take a pay cut. I'll move if I have to. I'm not asking for a bailout. I'm asking for some fucking help. H. E. L. P. Help. Now.


  1. I know you aren't looking for a handout. I would never accuse you of that. I know you worked your tail end off to get through engineering school. There aren't many people that can pull that off. I understand your frustration. Two years ago, I was awarded $110 a week. I had to fight for every penny. I know it's frustrating.

    I think you misunderstood an earlier blog where I commented the stimulus gives those who don't work more benefits than those who work. That wasn't directed towards anyone who has lost their job. I just think the stimulus tax cuts short change those who are working.

  2. Too bad you don't live in Virginia nearby. I could hook you up with a job here provided you had a computer background. You could be an installer but it requires a lot of travel.

  3. Clay, I didn't think you were talking about people who lost their jobs, but you have the stance that we should all just suck it up and deal with it, and we shouldn't expect the government to do anything. While I don't agree with Obama on pretty much anything, I do think the government could do a lot to help the economy--sure cutting back on superfluous spending is at the top of the list, but there are other ways they could help, too, by providing funding for governments to increase their infrastructure projects--which would put a lot of people who lost their jobs because of the housing market bust back to work. I guess we have to agree to disagree here, but those are my views.
    Steve, THANKS! LOL. I wish I was in Virginia right about now. I would take pretty much anything worthwhile right now.

  4. I'm rooting for you kiddo. You have the fighting spirit necessary to see you thru. and it's not pathetic to let your dad help with the roof right now.

  5. None of the social service benefits provided by the state and federal government are intended to benefit those who collect them. All of the jobs involved with administering benefits come under the heading of patronage. About 80% of the government's welfare or unemployment dollar goes to pay for these jobs. Only about 20% goes anywhere near the beneficiary.


  6. AMEN. i've been trying to get my unemployment benefits for 2 months now. i worked in s. carolina for the whole year, got layed off, and moved back to texas. so i have what they call an interstate claim. oh my god it sucks like a kirby. i'm actually on hold right now. it's all OVER THE PHONE. i want to go postal but i'll probably just go be a waiter instead because i don't wanna go to prison.


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