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What's Wrong with this Picture?

This is my 19 year old brother. (Cute, ain't he? He gets it honest.) Mom took us out to sushi while we were home this weekend. I know, it was a pathetic Valentine's--we have no extra money to spend. Although, I did pitch a fit like a 6 year old for Madagascar 2, which I got. Anywho, please look at that picture, and tell me what is wrong with it. Feel free to click to open it full size. No, it is not that he is on his phone while having dinner with the family. It's much worse. Give up? Please see the picture below.

Yes, that is my adult brother using the children's chopsticks. I love embarrassing the kid. Bless his heart. At least they gave him the ones that blend in with the chopsticks instead of the bright red ones. Although, that would be much funnier. Much funnier. Please feel free to click to see it full size--and fully appreciate his uncoordinated ass.


  1. I noticed that without scrolling. Chop sticks aren't hard.

    I once had a Japanese woman tell me that eating sushi with chop sticks is an insult. Have you ever heard that before?

  2. I have never heard that. I mean, they give them to you instead of forks at the restaurant. Does that mean I am allowed to use my hands? Because, by God, I will. Just because I don't want to insult anyone. (Not because I can shovel the food oh so much faster without utensils in the way...oh, no, not because of that!)

  3. Hey and whats worse is the waitress was hopelessly flirting with him and he didnt even notice !!! She didnt care he needed training wheels... hahahahahahhaha


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