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More Good News: Atlanta Third Emptiest City

In terms of housing and rental units. According to, Atlanta trails only Detroit (2nd) and Las Vegas in the list of the emptiest cities in America. Basically, it means people are either a) getting the heck out of Dodge, or b) homeless. I'm not too upset about option a), but b) is a tad bit on the disconcerting side. The article goes on to say that

"The Southeast — long one of the nation’s economic hot spots — fared poorly in the compilation.

Joining Atlanta among the 15 'emptiest cities' are Greensboro/High Point, N.C., at no. 4; Orlando at no. 7; Jacksonville, Fla. at no. 9; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale at no. 11; Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater at no. 13; and Charlotte/Gastonia/Concord at no. 15."


  1. That's interesting, but then again part of the econmic hot spots in the south are little comunities which the Japanese built factories in. It's sad to be ranked so close to Detroit.

  2. Now would be the time to move in, if you're able. As they always used to say, "the South will rise again".

  3. Just thank Barney Franks and Sherily Franklin for this mess. Take notice Cobb County is one of the few counties with a surplus. It is run by conservative republicans.

  4. People are tired of getting robbed and murdered.... They moving outta there and who would blame em!


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