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Buy American. Or Else.

From AOL News:

"In mid-August, Fouts ["mayor of Warren, Mich., a large Detroit suburb and Michigan's third-largest city, and where a good portion of the residents are (or were) autoworkers"] told his department heads, which amount to 40 or 50 of the city's more than 700 employees that he "expects" the next car they buy will be an American model. More to the point, he expects them to drive General Motors or Chrysler vehicles, since both companies have various manufacturing or assembly plants in Warren -- not to mention GM's sprawling Tech Center -- and therefore are the city's two highest taxpayers.

Fouts, who drives a 2001 Chrysler Concorde himself, isn't being draconian about it. That is, he hasn't ordered his appointees to run right out and dump their Hondas, Toyotas, Saabs or Audis immediately. 'But I strongly suggested that the next car they buy should be an American one, and that I had an equally strong expectation that they will do so,' Fouts said. 'Legally, since they are "at-will" employees, I have the right to mandate, and an expectation that they will meet that mandate.'

Some have accused Fouts of over-stepping his authority by "butting in" to his employees' private lives, while others have given the policy a hearty "thumbs up." 'Some of them are not enthusiastic about it,' Fouts said, noting that one department head currently drives a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. 'But many of these department heads make more than $100,000 a year, and I told them that they might not be able to enjoy the economic comforts they currently enjoy if it were not for the amount of taxes that GM and Chrysler pay to the city.

'I think of it as "economic patriotism."'"

Not that I particularly agree with his approach--I mean, I wouldn't want my boss telling me what kind of car to drive--but he makes a good point. A lot of the problem we are having with our economy is that we buy way too much from foreign countries. Everyone knows exports are better than imports for the economy! I realize we are all but dependent on China for every-single-thing in our houses, but there are some areas where we, as Americans, can refuse to buy from non-American companies. And vehicles is one of those instances. The quality of American cars is really much better than people give them credit for. If you want to jump-start the economy, buy American. Makes sense to me. I mean, I didn't buy a Ford because it was American made, but I can say I'm really proud I own a Ford right now.

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