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Why I Never Send Back Wrong Orders

"Kevin Hansen filed a lawsuit in West Bend, Wis., in August, claiming that spotting a clump of hair in a steak he sliced into from a Texas Roadhouse restaurant caused 'severe and permanent injuries,' pain, suffering and 'disability,' requiring 'extensive medical treatment.' In fact, said his lawyer Ryan Hetzel to Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel, 'It's bothered the heck out of him.' (The employee who prepared the steak was fired and later pleaded guilty to a felony, explaining that he was trying to retaliate because Hansen complained about a previous order.) [Journal Sentinel, 8-3-08] ."

And, that, my friends, is why you don't send back orders when they are wrong. The person who made it will screw you. In the ass. With no lube. But let's get to these "severe and permanent injuries: You are probably thinking that it's bullshit. I did, too. But, then, I stopped to think about what I'd do if that happened to me. And, yeah, I'd probably have some "severe and permanent injuries", what we me blowing a gasket, having a heart attack, and getting my ass kicked trying to kill the guy. Of course, I'd be drinking an alcoholic beverage with my steak, so no gun would be allowed to be present. Oh, well. I guess I sympathize with the guy now.

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