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You've Got to be Kidding: Insanity...My Ass

Cop killer finally goes to trial:

"Prosecutors played a haunting audiotape of a 2005 courthouse shooting rampage that left four people dead as they launched their case against the alleged gunman Monday, while his attorneys said he was so deluded he believed he was carrying out a rebellion.

"Brian Nichols could face the death penalty for the shootings of a judge, court reporter and sheriff's deputy at the Fulton County Courthouse, and a federal agent later that day. Nichols, 36, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers say he couldn't tell right from wrong.


"The defense team countered that Nichols was 'swallowed whole' with a belief that he was a slave rebelling against authority. While others looked at the judge with respect, Nichols saw him as an enemy, said defense attorney Henderson Hill.

"'What you will see is that these delusions were real for Mr. Nichols,' he said. 'He believed in them as you believe that ice is cold, that night follows day. These were truisms for him.'"

Insanity, my ass. The only person who is insane is the one who thinks anyone is going to believe that sad, weak-ass story. I hope he rots in a jail cell and burns in hell.

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