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Wow, Thanks!

There are a few times in life that you just have to stop and say "Wow, that was really nice!" Yesterday was one of those days. I had oral surgery (my wisdom teeth) yesterday. I'm still a little out of it, and I feel pretty bad, but I am still so elated by what happened yesterday that I really wanted to get this post in. Yesterday, after I got home from my surgery, I got a call from a florist telling me they had a delivery--they were making sure I was home. Well, my dad (who came down to take me to the doctor and take care of me for the day) said they weren't from him, and then Travis said they weren't from him. So, I'm like, "uh, ok". And, they got here, and the card just said "From the guys". And, I was like, "the guys?". And, Travis, who isn't on pain killers, is like, "They have to be from Work--from Jon and Brandon." And, I'm like, "Wow. No way. That's so nice!". And, they were. And, that was so nice! I was really blown away. I guess we all get frustrated with work or coworkers sometimes, but that makes me appreciate my job even more! I mean, I have decent pay, great benefits, a Crackberry, and a really thoughtful boss who sent me flowers when I had surgery! I sometimes worry about my job security (because we don't have any clients right now, and we are having to do work through corporate), but I really do have a great job. That just makes me hope I keep it even more! Man, I hope we get some clients! Let me know if you know of anyone who needs a civil engineer (water and wastewater, mostly), because, OBVIOUSLY, we're good people!

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  1. awwww that is so sweet.... We love you too honey !!!!!!
    mom and K


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