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Muskydines and Scuppendines

With today and yesterday being so cool, I thought I better post this before we forget summer. When I went home to see my grandfather this weekend, I got a nice little surprise. As I was walking up the front walkway at my grandparents' house, I caught this amazing smell. And, it hit me, MUSCADINES! Of course, in the south, it's pronounced "muskydines". I asked my grandmother if she would mind if I stole a few--as in, the entire vine--and, of course, she said no. But, my grandfather, who is talking decently well, most of the time, told me I wanted the scuppernongs, pronounced "scuppendines" for you non-southerners. He was right. They were better than the muscadines, which shouldn't even be possible, since the muscadines were already amazing--heavenly even. It felt like a different time and place while I picked my grocery bag full of muscadines--one without so many problems, one without Obama. I didn't get as many scuppernongs because I was afraid of getting stung (allergic). The vines on the scuppernongs are thicker, and the grapes are hidden more. It was easier to get the muscadines, so I got a lot more of those. I made myself ration the scuppernongs. I'd eat 10 muscadines, and then allow myself a scuppernong. It was worth it.

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