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We ate at Fudpucker's in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, twice in the 24 hours we were there! In our defense, it was right across the street from out hotel. I had the Mother Fudburger and the Fruit and Nut Salad with chicken. Travis had the Mushroom Swiss Fudburger both times. He must have liked it. I liked my burger, but I got it without their "special sauce", so I don't know how that would have been. The salad was delicious. The raspberry vinaigrette was the best! We loved the atmosphere. It's so cool that you can write on the tables and chairs and walls and lights and ceilings and, well, everything! We didn't bring a sharpie, though, so make sure you remember yours if you go to Fudpucker's!

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  1. Travis dancing with the funny


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