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Make Your Own Fiber(s)

I have heard of this "disease" once before. It's called Morgellons. Apparently, people have these mysterious sores that pop up, and then fibers come out of their body. Several dermatologists think these people are psychotic--and who can blame them--but is it possible this is a real disease?

I've been in that place. When I was a kid, I had really bad eczema. I went to several doctors. Some said I had scabies. EW! But, they were wrong. I just had eczema. It was sort of ridiculous that it took them so many tries to get it right. I can only imagine what these people must be going through--having no one believe them. The fact that it's such a new phenomenon and so few people have come forward makes it that much worse. And, yes, I fully realize it's possible that these thousands of people are crack addicts or suffering from some serious anxiety related problems that make them hurt themselves--possibly multiple personalities who commit the acts so that the person has no real knowledge of them--or hypochondriacs. But, maybe, just maybe, there is some freaky disease out there that produces fibers from your body where they shouldn't be.

At least you wouldn't have to add so much fiber to your diet.

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