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"Do You Own a Gun?"

So, I go to do my civic duty (i.e., vote, for you lump lumps), and I'm feeling a moment of decency and human compassion (I know, right, that never happens!) for the poor girl standing outside in the cold doing exit polls. Personally, I hate doing that shit (as in, any poll in general), but for some reason, call it "I didn't want to be called racist and unAmerican and unpatriotic for not doing an exit survey" "Christmas cheer", I said I'd do one. Of course it is filled with questions like "Who did you vote for?" "Who did you vote for originally in this election?" (it is runoff, obviously) "Who did you vote for for President?" Etc, etc. There was one question that so totally did NOT fit in there it was ridiculous. It read "Do you or anyone in your household (I typed that "holdhouse" the first time. Damn dyslexia. LOL. Thought I'd share that with you...) own a gun?" And, that was it. There was not a single question about the 2nd amendment. Just "Do you own a gun?" Because if you do, you are racist! No, really, what the hell? I might live with someone with who owns a gun and not give two shits about the 2nd amendment. I don't get that at all. I would be a lot more irritated, but the Sugarland song I like came on, so I'm happy now. Ah, the simple mind is easily amused...


  1. Did you have to give your name and address?? Be Aware

  2. Yup, I wouldn't expose how much you are packin'.

  3. No, I just had to give them my age, sex, race, religion, birth date, social secuirty number, conceal carry permit number, and first born child. I didn't tell them I have 47 "assault" weapons in my home arsenal. Kidding...


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