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"How Dolly Parton Saved My Life"

So, awhile back, I told you I was reading "How Dolly Parton Saved My Life". Well, I FINALLY finished it. I know, I know. You'd think I'd read it over night with my creepy-crush-like fascination with the boobie girl, but I didn't. I got busy. Sue me.

Anywho, it was pretty good. It didn't have a ton of Dolly related material in it, but it was set in Atlanta, which was cool. It is about four women, Jo, Ellie, Daisy, and Cate, who start their own catering busy called Jelly Jar.

Things go up and down with both their professional lives and their personal lives. Jo tries having a baby, even though she has no time. Ellie finds out her husband and Jo had been engaged a while back, and that, along with other things, leads her to believe her marriage is over. It isn't. Cate goes down that I'm-with-a-man-I-love-but-doesn't-love-me road more than once, but finally seems to get it right by the end. Daisy gets to spend more time with her teen daughter (whom she had while still a teen, herself), and they grow much closer.

Dolly didn't come up a whole lot, but Daisy always had those "Dolly always says..." moments, which I liked. I don't know exactly why that is the title. It didn't seem like Dolly saved much of anything. They saved each other. And themselves. I am not usually for the girl-power, love story, bullshit books, but it was an OK read. If you like a quick read about stupid stuff, it's good to take your mind off things, but it isn't all that scholarly.

So, there, I did write that review, after all. And, you doubted me. Ha!

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