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Open Carry is the New Concealed Carry

"GCO member Luke Woodard has filed a federal lawsuit against two Paulding County* sheriff’s deputies that arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct while he was openly carrying at a convenience store. Remarkably, Woodard was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon when a “man with a gun” call was placed to 911 from witnesses who saw his sidearm from across the street. The deputies were unable to articulate any conduct in their report that was disorderly. The Paulding County District Attorney dismissed the charges without presenting them to a grand jury or filing an accusation."

You can see Woordard's complaint here, and the response to his complaint here. I don't think this needs my commentary, and I am too damn tired and sick to do it anyway. Make up your own.

*For those of you who know nothing about the metro-Area, even though you live here, Paulding County borders Cobb County. As in, that's your next-door neighbor.


  1. Lets just go back to the wild west. We'll all just open carry I am sure it will cut down on crime of person on person a lot more and prob stop stupid stuff like this..

  2. Indeed. Let's bring back the duel while we're at it!


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