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Moral of the Story: You Just Can't Help People

From my ex-hometown newspaper The Jackson Herald:

"Two White County residents have been charged with Sunday’s murder of the youth
minister of Pendergrass Baptist Church.

"The body of Edward Frank Harris, Jr., 44, Clermont, was found off the roadway near a vacant house in Cleveland around 4 a.m. Monday morning.

"William Joseph Dyer, 21, and Jennifer Dawn Lineberger, 29, both of Cleveland have been arrested in the killing. Both suspects have been charged with one count of felony murder. Dyer has also been charged with armed robbery.

"According to published reports, Harris called his family Sunday night around 7 p.m. from the church to say he was giving 'some stranded people' a ride to Cleveland.

"Officers of the Cleveland Police Department are being assisted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Cleveland Office, the Office of the District Attorney for the Enotah Judicial Circuit, the White County Sheriff’s Office and the White County Coroner’s Office.

"Harris’ body has been transported to the GBI Crime Lab in Decatur for an autopsy. The investigation continues."

I just want you to realize that the drive from Pendergrass to Cleveland is nearly an hour. An hour. Each way. This man was kind enough to drive two "stranded" people an hour out of his way, just to drive an hour back. (I hope the Lord has a special place for such a man.) And they murdered him. In cold blood. And, for what, exactly? WHAT?! I hope to all things holy there is a special place in hell for these people. A very special place. May they rest suffer (in a fiery pit of venomous snakes, used hypodermic needles infected with AIDS, and rusty razor wire) in peace pieces.

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  1. I become more discouraged every day. What is wrong with people?


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