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"Obama Would Change All That"

You absolutely can't make this shit up. From my ex-hometown newspaper, The Commerce News:

"A Nicholson woman who thinks the election of Barack Obama as president will end racism in Jackson County may need a presidential pardon.

"Commerce police arrested Gail Louise Brown, 51, of 163 Tommy Barnett Lane Dec. 9 after she allegedly cursed loudly and repeatedly as police diffused a domestic incident at BJC Medical Center.

"Barnett* was one of several family members who went to the hospital to see a male 'under protective care' at the facility. Staff called the police after family members refused to leave.

"Barnett*, according to the officer’s account, did not go quietly. She allegedly made repeated and loud obscene remarks. She also charged that 'Jackson County is redneck and racist and Obama would change all that once he’s in office,' the officer said.

"Barnett* was charged with disorderly conduct."

I'm sorry, but that is just funny. But, here we go again with the reverse discrimination. Just because Jackson County is rural and, admittedly, redneck, we are automatically racist. Perfect. Anywho, I won't get on that reverse discrimination bus anymore today. I just hope they realize Obama isn't going to save them. Oh, hell, no I don't. I don't care what they realize. They brought it on themselves. Let them suffer the consequences.

*Note: I think they confused the street name with her last name. I believe the instances where you see "Barnett" you should see "Brown".


  1. What exactly does "under protective care" mean,anyway?

  2. Racism will get worse under Obama. This sense of entitlement by some blacks will backfire on them.


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