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Why the English Language is so Hard to Learn

OK, this really bugs me. Why is it that two words which are spelled the same are pronounced completely different?

For instance, the word "colonel" is just really f'ed up. "Colonel" is pronounced "kur-nl", but "colonial" is prounounced "kuh-loh-nee-uhl". Why? Where does that "r" even come from?!

But, there are tons of words like that. For instance, there and here are pronounced like we're but not like were. What. The. Hell?!

Am I the only one that is irritated by this? I mean, who came up with this stuff? I'm just saying.


  1. English is a hard language but all languages have their craziness. I tried to learn French once, and I got confused by all the masculine and feminine forms of words.

  2. Yeah, I've been there. I never really understood the whole feminine/masculine thing. But, I thought French was fairly easy to learn. I mean, if I was a French speaker, and someone was trying to teach me English, I'd never get it...

  3. you are so funny! Never know what I will read about on here next! Like the new colors/design!

  4. Thanks! LOL I am sure everyone is thrilled to death that the election is over. I am sure they are more than tired of hearing me bitch about Obama. I mean, I'll still be bitching about all the stupid shit he does for the next four (Lord, I hope it is only four) years. That is, until he sends me to reconditioning camp. Or I mysteriously disappear. Both of which seem equally possible.


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