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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I had a really amazing Christmas this year. I can't believe the incredible presents I got! Thank you to my parents, (future) in-laws, other family, and, of course, Travis for giving me so much more than I deserve! I just have to share some of the tons of gifts with you. First up, I got this adorable gift set in this cute metal dog. I took out the stuff, and I'm going to use the dog bowl as a catch-all on my counter. How cute is that? (Click all pictures for larger.)

Next, I got this awesome craft kit to make a stained-glass mosaic stepping stone. There are two sets in the kit, so I can make both a left and right flip flop. I am really excited about making this. I'm not super crafty, but this will be so cute to sit outside my door. I like one-of-a-kind things, and I can make this my own.

Next, I got this gorgeous peacock lamp. I don't collect peacocks or anything, I just saw this at Lowe's, and I thought it was so beautiful. Travis surprised me with it, of course.

Travis' Mom and Dad got me this rocking chair. I love rocking chairs. I've been wanting one since I moved. This one is actually wood--it is just painted black. I decided I wanted to keep it inside instead of putting it outside. I think it fits well.

My dad pulled a slick one on me, as usual. I asked for a Creative Zen X-Fi or Mozaic MP3 player. Travis got me an adapter to play it over the car radio. Then, Dad says he isn't going to get it because it is too expensive. So, Travis took back the car adapter. Then, Dad got the damn thing, so Travis and I had to go get the adapter thingy again. LOL. I ended up getting the amazing X-Fi in 16G. Wow!

I love red. I made this enormous list of Fiesta servewear that I wanted. I divided the list among Travis and his Mom and Dad and my Mom and her Mom. I ended up getting everything I asked for, including a large (ham/turkey) platter, two smaller platters, two large bowls, a pedestal bowl, three small bowls, a large oval platter, a bread tray, three small trays, a butter dish with lid, a gravy boat, salt and pepper shakers, a tray with a creamer and sugar bowl, and a slotted spoon, solid spoon, meat fork, butter knife, and sugar spoon.

Oh, and this adorable pitcher.

And, it's all made in the USA!

And, now, for the grand finale. My dad got me this super cool new PC. But, it's not just any PC. It's a Media Center PC. Yep. So, right now, I'm typing this post on my new PC, which is plugged into my huge flat screen TV. Yeah, and I'm watching some old Batman movie on TV. At the same time. I know. I'm amazing. I mean, my Dad is amazing. He really went overboard this year...

So, I had a pretty amazing Christmas. And, this isn't even everything I got! That would take me all day! I want everyone to know that I appreciate them so much. I love ya'll!


  1. Wow, Santa was good to you. You will love your Creative MP3 player. I'll take Creative over the 'cult' anyday. The prices are better as well.

  2. Yeah, this thing is pretty awesome. I don't like propietary shit anyway. I specifically told him I did NOT want an iPod. I am with you--let's stay out of the cult.


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