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Stuff I Think: Irritating Shit Edition

Stuff that irritates the living hell out of me (NOT PG-13):
  • When I walk out of work / my house / any place and forget something. It happens all the damn time. Why can I not clear my head enough to remember ANYTHING?! I swear I have Alzheimer's.
  • The people who take the "environmentally friendly" sticker off the toilet paper at work when the other roll is full! At work, there are two rolls of toilet paper in every stall. The cleaning lady (who is SO sweet) puts a little sticker on one roll that has a little tree on it and asks that you use the other roll before opening that one. That way, when she comes to replace the rolls, she won't have to replace two half empty rolls to make sure there is toilet paper. If you use a whole one, and then start on the second one, she can replace just the empty one and not waste a whole roll of toilet paper. BUT, there is some stupid bitch at work who uses the first stall in the bathroom on my floor and opens the other roll WHEN THE FIRST ROLL IS FULL. What a stupid cunt. Is she so f'ing stupid she can't figure out why that little sticker is on there? Or does she think she is so important she needs her own damn roll? I HATE HER, and I don't even know who it is. I swear I'm going to stake out the bathroom one day and check the rolls after every user. That was I can call her a stupid cunt to her face. And walk away.
  • When my GPS can't figure out I'm in a driveway and can turn left, and it takes me around a circle to the right. Ugh.
  • Power car seats that automatically go back to the master position when the car is turned off. When I have to drive your car, I have to fix my seat EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in it after stopping somewhere. Just get a regular one with little memory buttons.
  • Idiot drivers who slam on their brakes AFTER they see a cop. Um, stupid, if you can see the cop, his radar/laser can see your stupid ass. MOVE!
That's enough for right now. I feel a little better.


  1. Don't you just wish your GPS would shut up if you decide to go a different way. 20 miles later down the road and I don't want to do a U-turn.

  2. How about when someone moves something that is yours and you think you misplaced it. I HATE THAT!


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