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The Vent

I ran across this thing on the Atlanta-Journal Constitution website, and, man, is it great! It's called "The Vent". Apparently, you can call or email a vent to them, and they will post it on their website. Some even get put in print it looks like. I'm not an AJC reader, so I am not positive, but it appears that way. They even have the online ones broken down into several categories. There is the main one: "Metro". Then, there are tons more, like "Cobb" and "UGA". I'm an official fan. Some of my favorites:
  • "Celebrate some made-holiday if you want for me and my house, we'll celebrate Christmas!"
  • "It's all over the news that we are in a recession. Really?! Where have these people been for the last year? "
  • "Why do some people feel like prayers should be regulated more closely than other speech?"
  • "I wouldn't worry about the damage to the hedges. It's the defense at UGA that needs repair."
  • "I have a feeling that those of us who pay our mortgages and bills each month are going to get screwed in this bailout."
  • "I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so over Oprah."
  • "You must not work for Citigroup or GM, or watched your retirement funds disappear, or even read the newspaper if you think there is a 'supposed' economic crisis. "
  • "Grocery stores increased their prices and blamed the price of gas, so how come they didn’t decrease them when the price of gas went back down?"
  • "Retired teachers: Don’t worry; in spite of my retirement income dropping 50 percent, I’ll still pay my taxes so you can have a 3 percent per year cost-of-living raise while the cost of living has decreased."

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  1. Hey I liked these. Its a pretty good read...


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