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Because I forget all my greatest ideas (probably the reason I'm not a millionaire yet, huh?), I'm going to brainstorm a few of my latest ideas for blogs so I don't forget. It will give you something to look forward to...

Blog Ideas:

  • "Acrost" is Not a Word
  • The Infamous "Phantom Slamming on of the Brakes" and Other Driving Horrors You should Avoid, Asshole!
  • How to Wash your Hands
  • Bathroom Etiquette
  • Ideas for my Hair (including pictures!)
  • The Oyster Bar (Restaurant Review)
  • Seasons of Japan (Restaurant Review)
  • One Eyed Lizzy's (Restaurant Review)
  • The "Big Chicken"
  • The Water Taxi
  • The Tybee Lighthouse
  • Fort Pulaski
  • The Haunted Tour of Savannah
  • The Marriott Savannah Riverfront
  • Friends Don't let Friends Rent from AMLI

I will probably be updating this list, and I'll be writing some of these really soon. For those who are just slap worried about me, I'm OK. I'm getting back to normal a little. It has just been kind of rough for me lately. I am human, after all...

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