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Mary Mac's Tea Room

We went to Mary Mac's tonight. It was awesome. I don't particularly like pot likker, but the rest was great. It is true southern cooking like grandma used to make. Every first-timer gets a sample of their pot likker, then you fill out your own order card. It's the tradition that makes it great, like the filling out your own card. You can read the history here. There were so many sides to choose from, I decided to have the Vegetable Plate (four sides). I had the fried okra, spiced apples, cream corn, and cheese grits. And they were all great. The breads they bring out are very good, too. They give you yeast rolls, cornbread, and cinnamon rolls. I was already tight like a tick, but I had some Georgia Peach cobbler for dessert--it is a Georgia thang--and it's awesome! Oh, and I had lemonade, too, and it is so sweet, I'm surprised I didn't turn into molasses. The parking is minimal since it is in downtown Atlanta, but other than that, it is perfect southern tradition at it's finest. Go try it!

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