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Feeling Lucky?

In celebration of Friday the 13th, I wanted to reflect on superstitions and phobias. For those of you who suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia, it might have been hard to get out of bed today. For people like me, well, I'm just doing good to know what day it is, so I didn't really even realize it was Friday the 13th until someone told me. WoooOOOooo... (That was me being ghostly.) Anyway, there are lots of different phobias. Some of my personal favorites are listed below, and you can find meanings for all of them here:

  • Ablutophobia
  • Agoraphobia (I suffer from the crowded places part)
  • Amaxophobia
  • Androphobia (Don't all women have this?)
  • Anuptaphobia (All you, Jen)
  • Automatonophobia
  • Bibliophobia (Picked this one up in college)
  • Bogyphobia
  • Catoptrophobia (I've kind of acquired this one, too)
  • Chaetophobia (Hair is just plain vile)
  • Chrematophobia (Um, what the hell?)
  • Cyberphobia
  • Dentophobia
  • Dextrophobia (Um, wow...)
  • Ecclesiophobia (Definitely a bad one)
  • Ergophobia (Oh, yeah!)
  • Gephydrophobia (My mother is the worst!)
  • Heliophobia (Vampire much?)
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Oh, the irony!!!)
  • Hoplophobia (Damn liberals)
  • Kathisophobia (That must suck)
  • Linonophobia (Haha)
  • Lutraphobia (Oh, come on! Otters are so damn cute!)
  • Mycrophobia
  • Mythophobia (Very fitting for our recognition of superstition)
  • Novercaphobia (Oh, childhood...)
  • Ostraconophobia
  • Panophobia (All I have to say is "Dayum!")
  • Peladophobia (Awesome)
  • Phobophobia (Hilarious)
  • Phronemophobia (Definitely have that one)
  • Pnigerophobia (That's all me right there)
  • Proctophobia (Ewww!)
  • Pupaphobia
  • Soceraphobia (Isn't this every married person?)
  • Textophobia

There are also a lot of interesting superstitions out there. I'm sure your grandparents probably made a lot more fuss about them than people do today. It seems that generations past were more superstitious--probably because many of those occurrences hadn't been refuted by Mythbusters yet. You can find a bunch of superstitions here. I've listed a few of my personal favorites below:

  • A dog eating grass brings rain (Um, my dog eats grass constantly, and we're in a mega drought, so not so much)
  • It is unlucky to sit cross-legged while playing cards
  • Doing laundry on New Year's will cause someone in your family to die that year
  • Never give a knife as a house warming gift, or you will become enemies (My grandma gave me a knife set, and we're still cool...)
  • To drop a brush while combing your hair is a sign of a coming disappointment (I drop mine all the time, maybe that's my problem)
  • It is bad luck to see an owl during sunlight (Hmm...two have been at my dad's house lately...uh oh...)
  • Tying a knot in a handkerchief wards off evil
  • A bird in the house is a sign of death
  • If a buried (and dead, hopefully) person was evil, weeds will grow over their grave
  • If the groom drops the wedding band during the ceremony, the marriage is doomed
  • The spouse who goes to sleep first on the wedding night will die first.
  • A five-leaf clover is bad luck (I've found a six before...I'm doomed)
  • You must hold your breath while going past a cemetery so that no spirits can enter your body
  • If three people are photographed together, the person in the middle will die first (I guess all those pictures of my brother, sister, and me are going to do me in...)

I haven't found too much about the number 666. I know that is a biblical thing, but I thought I might find something in my searching. I can remember about ten years ago, my dad was writing a check, and the next one happened to be 666. He tore the check out and ripped it up, and he wrote the check on 667. I think it is a little crazy. I don't think the devil is going to get me just because I wrote a check on check number 666. And I don't think having a floor numbered 13 in the building means I'm going to die in an elevator crash or anything, but people still leave the number 13 out. To me, that just means floor 14 is unlucky, because it's the real 13. WooooOOOooo. (Me being ghostly again.) Anyway, don't fear the day too much. Just make sure you toss that salt you just spilled over your shoulder...

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