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Friends Don't Let Friends Rent from AMLI

Do not live at an AMLI Residential apartment complex. They suck big donkey dick. Seriously. I saw it. I lived at the AMLI at Barrett Lakes in Kennesaw, GA for a year. From day one, I received the most terrible service imaginable. There were a million things wrong with the apartment when I moved in, and they only fixed a couple. Even the ones they did fix they didn’t do right.

For example, the strips on the outside of the bathtubs were pulled away from the tub and floor (from moisture, I guess). When they came to replace it, they didn’t even clean out the crap that had accumulated behind it, they just stuck it to all the hair and dirt, so it wasn’t even flush with the tub. And it just came off. And when I called to ask to have it replaced, they never showed up. Another example is the blinds on the patio door. They were broken at the bottom, so you couldn’t anchor them to the little pegs on the door. Thus, every time the door opened or closed, they would sling every where. They put new pegs on the doors, but they didn’t fix the broken bottoms, so there was nothing to put the peg into. Ridiculous. And then there is the kitchen faucet. I must have called nearly a half dozen times, and it was never fixed. At first it leaked when it was turned on. Then, they “fixed” it, and it leaked when it was off. Then they “fixed” it, and it leaked when it was turned on. Then, I called twice more about it, and they never even showed up. Yeah.

But there were problems outside my apartment. The lights in the breezeway outside the apartment were only about 50% functional. This includes security lighting. I called at least three times about that. It never got fixed. And then there is the pool, which was always disgusting. They absolutely never cleaned it. There were tons of bugs, trash, and just plain disgusting unmentionables in the pool on any given day. And the workout room was a joke. There were no free weights, and, of the three weight machines they had, pretty much all were missing pieces or didn’t work. And then there is my personal favorite: the gate. There was a “security” gate to get into the complex. You had to have a gate card to enter the complex. Yeah, right. It never worked, and when it did work, it stayed open forever after a car entered, so cars could easily piggyback. While I was there, there were several car break-ins, some apartment break-ins, and one attempted abduction of a young female (probably college age, since a lot of Kennesaw State University students lived there, but it was not specific). I requested they fix the gate or put up a swing arm. They informed me that because the gate is on a hill, a swing arm could not be used. Bull fucking shit. I am an engineer. I’m not some stupid early childhood education major at KSU. I know how shit works, and swing arms work on hills.

To add injury to insult, they tried to charge me nearly $400 to have the carpet replaced in my apartment when I moved out. First of all, there were none of the stains they claimed were there. There was one make-up stain in the bedroom where Pepe got my eyeshadow, but that would easily come out with cleaning. Also, you cannot be charged for wear-and-tear damage. It is in the Georgia Code Law. If there is damage to carpet that is fairly new (this was like-new, 2 year old, very plush carpet), only the room where there is damage needs to be replaced. They can’t charge you for the entire apartment if there is no need to replace the entire thing. On top of that, when I complained they dropped the charge to just over $250, saying that the “actual cost” had been less. Then why wasn’t I charged that in the first place? Why was I charged more than the “actual cost”? No one can answer. After dealing with the stupid fat ass cunt at the office, who would never return my calls, I was informed upon finally reaching her that she had turned me over to collections. I had never even gotten a written bill. She was lying. I called corporate, and they said it wasn’t send to collections yet. Yeah, I knew that.

So, once I finally got to speak with corporate, I got things handled, but it was a really shitty experience. Just don’t do it. Try to find a house or townhouse or duplex to rent. Living in an apartment sucks in general, and they are usually managed by huge companies, and you get nowhere with issues. Renting from mom-n-pop may have it’s drawbacks, but it is much easier to deal with them. And, if you have any issues, you can compete with people legally, whereas with a huge corporation, you’re fucked. In the ass. With no lube. Yeah.

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