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Five Guys

I've been to Five Guys several times now, and I've never had a bad experience, so I thought they deserved this review. I've been to both the one in Kennesaw, GA and the one in Acworth, GA, and I loved them both. For me to say I like a burger is a pretty big deal. I'm not really a burger eater. I'm NOT a vegetarian, and I love meat, but I'm particular about it. My cousin owns a burger place back home that I love, and Five Guys comes pretty close. It is about as close to a mom-n-pop joint as you can get out of a chain. They are just what they say they are: burgers and fries. And there really isn't much else to them. They have peanuts in open containers all over the place, so if you're really allergic, don't go in, but if you like peanuts, go get a handful while you stand in line to place your order or while you're waiting on them to make your burger to order.


  1. there are some of these in Athens now

  2. Hey there is now one in Commerce


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