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Marriott Savannah Riverfront

In short, don’t stay there.

I stayed in the Savannah, GA Marriott for three nights, and they were pretty crappy nights.

First off, the hotel charges for parking, even if you stay there. I can understand charging for parking, really I can, but not at a hotel--not any hotel--when you are paying to stay there. I really don’t stay at “nicer” hotels that often. I really just love Hampton Inn, honestly. But, why is it that a cheaper hotel doesn’t charge for parking but a more expensive one does. That’s just ignorant. Seriously.

Second, they charge for internet. And it ain’t cheap. They charge $10/24 hours. I’m sorry, but you don’t charge for internet, especially not $10 a day! Again, at the Hampton Inn, I can get all the free internet I can stand. Why is it I have to pay for it at a “nicer” hotel?!

Third, the hot tub might as well be a cold tub. It’s freezing. I got out and came and took a hot shower because I was so cold. (Not that the towels were big enough to keep me warm.) They have an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, which is nice, but they are both really small.

Fourth, the breakfast is not free. Are you kidding me? When did that become acceptable? Again, Hampton Inn provides an amazing breakfast FOR FREE. It isn’t some prepackaged muffin. It’s real breakfast, and it’s good. And it’s free.

Maybe I’m just a cheapskate, but why am I paying almost twice what I would pay at Hampton Inn for none of the things I get there? I mean, have you slept in a Hampton Inn bed? They are pretty freakin’ amazing! (The beds here were pretty nice, too, I will admit.)

I will say, in their defense, that the staff is very nice, and there are name brand Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy products (one of my personal favorites!) in the bathrooms…

In summary, I really don’t recommend this place. If you like paying out your ass, I guess you’d like this place pretty well, but if you want some value out of your trip, just don’t do it.

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