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One Eyed Lizzy's

Tonight, I went to One Eyed Lizzy's in Savannah, GA for dinner. I had the nachos and my date had the chicken fingers. We had the cutest, sweetest waitress. Her name was Laura. If you ever go, ask for her. She works two jobs--she's making something for herself. That's really cool to me. But anyway, the food was great! My nachos were never-ending, and the fries and honey mustard were super. I do love fries dipped in honey mustard--especially when they are good. LOL! The atmosphere is pretty cool. It's got a great bar area...and great drinks. I had a Patron Watermelon Margarita. It was delicious, and I was drunk. They certainly don't skimp on the booze! There were lots of things on the walls in Spanish. I don't really know if it is supposed to be kind of Spanish-themed, but they had lots of food options. It's a great place to go if you have several picky eaters who all want something different. And you want some good drinks... Verdict: definitely, yes--for a good and easy-going dinner.

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