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The Day I Forgot to Wear Mascara

Today, I forgot to wear mascara. I just slap forgot to put it on. How I do things like this is beyond me. I have put mascara on every single day of my life since I was like 14. But, somehow, today I did not put any on. I didn't realize this until I was already at work. I have a tube in my handbag, but it was about as dry as the Sahara, so I was forced to go through my day with no mascara, at all. And then something strange happened. A guy checked me out. You're probably thinking that's not so strange, but I'm no Angelina Jolie, and the occasional look is, well, pretty much nonexistent at this point. But it gets worse. Another guy smiled at me. Oh, no big deal, it's a smile, you say? Well, as he walked past me, I looked back, and he was looking back at me. Yeah. But, wait, if you call now, we'll double your order... For only $19.95, another guy started chatting me up in the elevator. He was all, like, smile this and chuckle that. Bastard. You see, the catch to all this is that I haven't had this kind of action in the past six months. I haven't had three guys check me out in six months much less three different guys in one day! Have I lost weight? No. Did I cut my hair? No. I forgot to wear mascara. You see, the moral of this story is this: it is when you stop worrying about what you look like that you look your best. You are beautiful every day, mascara or not, no matter what. Never let yourself forget that. Call now! Supplies are limited!

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