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Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders

I have big boobs. They aren't huge, but they are pretty big. I have a hard time finding bras that fit well and are comfortable. Even when I do find what I think are good bras, they cost a fortune, and they break, rip, tear, or the wire pokes through within a matter of weeks. I got really tired of spending $50 on one single bra at Victoria's Secret, just to have them mess up on me at the most inopportune time. Now, I admit, I do wash my bras in the washing machine (on the gentle cycle, at least!), which just happens to be the biggest no-no in bra history. But who has time to hand-wash anything? I mean, really? (At least I don't dry them in the dryer!) But, with that in mind, I got tired of washing away $50 for every bra I didn't have time to hand-wash. So, for all of you ladies' benefit, I'm getting this off my chest and putting myself out there so that you won't have to suffer through this senselessness anymore. Go to Target. Yes, that's what I said. They have had lots of reviews that say they have some of the best bras out there--and they are super cheap. Check out this quote from Consumer Reports:

Twenty-two percent of women in a new CR survey said they always or often regret bra purchases. That's especially annoying when some bras cost more than $100. But does a woman need to pay that much for a well-made bra that fits? We bought three nationally available bras of similar style and size—seamless, with lightly padded cups and underwire, in 34B—for very different prices, then put them to the test. We hand-washed them three times, had three women who wear 34B try on each bra and comment on comfort, and had our experts and a lingerie designer with more than 50 years' experience check the bras' construction. The results show that women may be spending lots of money for no reason. (In fact, the designer said that her own everyday bra costs $14.) Below, the intimate details.

1. La Perla Vintage, $127
The bra, sold at several high-end stores, boasts
top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and flexible, well-padded
underwire that won't cut into skin. But after three gentle hand-washes, the
elastic material in the back twisted and curled, and stitching on straps
2. Victoria's Secret Ipex demi, $45
It has cozy fabric and cups
that provide coverage without bulk. But the underwire may pinch, since fabric
around it is thinner than in others, and strap stitching is flimsy. Poor cut of
the fabric on sides made it pucker, and the straps curled in the wash.
3. Gilligan & O'Malley padded demi, $11
Bra-vo! It has better cup molding
than the Victoria's Secret bra; the underwire is flexible and well padded, so it
won't pinch or poke. This bra (sold at Target) also held up better after
washing. All three panelists found it comfortable, with a good fit.

I got four bras at Target the other day for less than $50, the price of one bra at Victoria's Secret. And they fit. And they are really comfortable. I'm really excited about it. Happy bra shopping!

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  1. no. you seriously have BIG BOOBS!


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