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The Oyster Bar

Tonight I had dinner at The Oyster Bar in Savannah, GA. I can't find a website, so if you find one, let me know. I don't eat seafood, so this review is sort of limited, but I was with people who had seafood, and they said it was good. I had the fillet, with a baked potato and a caesar salad. It was very good. So, if you have someone who doesn't eat seafood going with you, they will have a nice dinner, too. Two of the people who went with me had some pasta with shrimp in it, which they said was amazing. I guess it was since they all but licked their plates. My date had calamari. It was fried and served with fries. He said it tasted like shrimp. It seemed like he wasn't all that impressed, but maybe he just didn't like calamari. The atmosphere was pretty cool. At least there were plenty of things to look at on the walls. I guess the verdict is "give it a try". If you like seafood, you're probably going to find something you like.

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