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Seasons of Japan

I went to the Seasons of Japan in Savannah, GA tonight for dinner. The sign looked kind of shady, as you can see, but it was amazing on the inside! I took a picture of my dinner for you, so you can see how cute it was.

They had the little white tea pot thingies for the soy sauce. I had the Shogun Roll, the California Roll, and the Snow Crab Nigiri. The Shogun Roll had tuna, crab, avocado, and cream cheese. It was awesome! The sweet tea was even good, something I don't expect at a sushi place.

My date had a cooked dinner, because he's a wuss, and it was also delicious. He had a steak and shrimp dinner with steamed vegetables and fried rice. It came with a complimentary appetizer that consisted of a spring roll and a ginger dressing-topped salad. The spring roll was probably the best I've ever had, and the ginger dressing was definitely the best! It also came with a yellow sauce they called the "shrimp sauce", but I would have eaten it on everything they had it was so good.

The atmosphere was very cool. The seats were festive, and the table settings were very nice. Don't let the sign fool you, it is not a shit hole! And it was not very expensive. Our bill was under $40 before the tip. That's pretty good for sushi, if you ask me. I say, if you are in Savannah, and you like sushi, go there!

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  1. What is all this "your date" shit? What happened to your boyfriend?


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