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Miss Meeting Monopolizer

Why is there always the token "meeting monopolizer"? You're sitting there having a seminar, meeting, forum, or question-n-answer, and there is always this one person who just has to talk constantly. Every time the speaker/moderator asks for input or questions, this one person always speaks up. And not only do they speak up, they talk...and talk...and talk. Shut up! No one wants to hear you go on and on. We realize you have an inflated sense of self worth and that you love to hear yourself talk, but you really don't have anything pertinent to say, nor do your incessant ramblings form coherent thoughts. When you find yourself opening your mouth for the third or fourth time in 15 minutes, STOP. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Shut up! If you're wondering why everyone is glaring at you, it's because you're the token "meeting monopolizer". Recognize!

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