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How to Wash Your Hands

Because I am really disgusted by the women who use the bathroom at work, I am going to teach you how to wash your hands--properly.
  1. Use hot water, if the place actually has hot water
  2. Use soap--you'd think this would be common sense, but apparently not
  3. Wash your hands for two choruses of "Happy Birthday"--it just happens to be long enough
  4. Rinse hands from fingertips to wrists--this keeps the dirty part from rinsing over the clean part
  5. Dry hands with paper towels--don't open the door with wet hands, seriously

Now, there should be no one walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands. And their should be no one who turns on the sink and throws their hands under it and walks out the door. And there should be no wet door handles. And there should be no reason why I have to open the door with a paper towel so I don't have to touch the piss-stained door handle someone just touched. Ew.

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