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12 Out of 10 People Agree

From MSNBC News:
"A solid plurality of the American public supports the economic stimulus plan that President-elect Barack Obama has proposed, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.


"Obama’s stimulus package, which his team estimates will cost some $775 billion, includes:

  • Distributing $500 in tax credits to individuals (and $1,000 to families)
  • Providing money for shovel-ready construction projects
  • Increasing production of renewable energy
  • Expanding unemployment benefits and government-assisted health insurance.
"According to the poll, 43 percent believe the stimulus is a good idea, compared to 27 percent who think it’s a bad one, and 24 percent who don't have an opinion."
Now, before I let into this, they did say that "...the public also is concerned that the stimulus’ price tag might be too expensive and would increase the U.S. deficit." Which I believe. However, if 43 percent of the people they interviewed agree with Obama's plan, I'd say they probably didn't survey a good sampling of the population. Furthermore, if 24 percent of the people really have no opinion, they should be deported to another country immediately. How can you not give a damn what is going on with our economy right now? Are those 24 percent people all fucking millionaires or something? How can this be?! How can 43 percent agree with his plan, but 60 percent worry he's spending too much? How can those two numbers equate?! This does not compute. The system is down. This does not compute. The system is down. This does not compute...


  1. Unless they have a majority, I don't see how they can claim victory. There are 57 percent that chose the other two options. Obama's stimulus plan has failed inthe past. Why is it going to work 70 years later?

  2. They have no opinion cause they gonna get their check reguardless. Polls are really meaningless.

  3. Amen to this post.

    Thanks You!

    Btw, I really enjoyed reading your blog....great job

  4. 43 plus 24 plus 27 only equals 94 percent. My question is what the hell happened to the other 6 percent. That just doesn't sound right to me.


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