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Meet Miss Esperanza Patron

I would like to introduce you to Miss Esperanza Patron. Esperanza is the Spanish word for "Hope". I hope she can provide us with some hope. She is the half sister to the late Pepe Patron. She is similar in color to Mr. Pepe, but she is what they call "blue" instead of black like he was. Blue is sort of a gray color. She is a very pretty little girl. She is about to turn 12 weeks old (Saturday). She currently weighs 1 lb 10 & 3/4 oz, and she should be in the mid to upper 4 lb range at full adulthood.

We are going to pick her up this Sunday from the lady who gave me my Pepe, Judy. She is a wonderful, caring breeder. I emailed her last night, and she called me within the hour to check on me and help me find a new baby. She is not a typical puppy mill breeder, and she is very good. You can find her at

Please go see her if you ever want a darling, sweet, little chihuahua baby. I can assure you her babies will make believers out of you. Pepe was no "typical" chihuahua. He was sweet, playful, protective, and smart. He wasn't a yapper, and he wasn't a shaker. He loved curling up with you under the covers, and he loved to run around the house playing chase with you and his toys. And, he always won. Pepe won more than chases. He won over the hearts of so many people who thought small dogs were little assholes. I don't know of many eyes that were dry when they heard the news.

Anyway, Judy said that Esperanza is a little shy, but she loves to be held and picked up. I can't wait to meet her. I hope that she can make us feel better. She can never replace Pepe, but she can lick me and make me feel better. I need something to come home to everyday that will make me feel important and loved--no matter what. A human just can't provide truly 100% unconditional love like a puppy. I look so forward to the joy she will bring us in this stressful time. I know it is stupid to buy another dog right now, but we are all down enough without this. If you don't love your babies like your children, you can't understand.

I hope I'll be feeling more like writing now. All this hope is a lot of pressure on such a little bitty girl. She has some big shoes to fill.


  1. Hope she helps you deal with your loss.

  2. That's a really cool picture! Very pretty flowers... What's up with the rodent behind them?


  3. Look at that baby! That is beautiful! Essie?? ummmmm ???? might work

  4. We have a pug. I have posted pics of him recently over on my blog.

    I hear that these little guys like the one you have are very loyal. And, very portable. My pug isn't that portable, but he's into going for a ride in the car.

  5. DaBlade, dems fightin' words.


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