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Calculate Your Dog's Age

Someone sent me a link to an article on Pedigree's site about dogs being able to see some colors. That was all fine and good and pretty cool, but then I found this. It is a calculator to see how old your specific dog is in dog years. I guess every breed is different. I never knew that. I thought it was about 7 years per calendar year. That would make my Chihuahua about to turn 14 in April. The calendar says he's about to turn 24! Wow. He'll be my age. That's kinds weird, seeing as how I think of him as my kid. Illegitimate much? LOL... I just thought I'd share.


  1. Do I want to know? I guess. I will just keep taking Kayleigh on walks and be careful what I feed her in hopes of longevity.

  2. My dog is five years older than the traditional formula. At lease she doesn't act like she's 40.

  3. Dang! My lab is almost 75! She is still retarded though.

  4. "My lab is almost 75! She is still retarded though."
    And those two are related how?

  5. Hey Linz, thanks for posting that! We just had this discussion here a few hours ago as our son was reading us a bedtime story about a dog (because that's the way we do it here, he reads to us, we make him do the work, lol). So that brought up a whole discussion of our two dogs and how old they were in "dog years". I told him about the 7 years rule and he did the math.

    So, according to that, our just turned 2 year old dog isn't really 14, but 24. And our 9 year old, almost 10, dog is really only 56 when I thought he was almost 70. So, that's good I guess!

    Hmm, this thing is funny. Our last dog was almost 15, which I thought was 105, but it says that was only 76. Damn.


  6. I mean "retarded" in the sense that she still acts like a teenager at her ripe old age!:)


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