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You've Got to be Kidding: Dog Toy Foot

So, here I am at Petsmart looking for Essie a dog bed, some toys, and pet stain remover (puppies are going to have accidents, it is just a fact of life), and I come across this. A fucking foot. What the hell? I mean, what sick bastard thinks it is funny for dogs to run around chewing on human feet? That's just plain creepy. It isn't even Halloween! And, the toes are painted, so it's a woman's foot. And, not a very pretty woman's foot, at that. I file this under weird-shit-o-meter off the scale.

PS Please forgive me for not being the ranting, raving lunatic I usually am. I just don't have it in me yet. I'll get the fight back in me. I promise. Please just bear with me, and give me a little time. Thanks.


  1. Yeah, it's kid of a strange toy. Do they not sell the shoes anymore?

  2. Shoes I can understand, but I haven't seen that. Feet, that's completely different.

  3. Listen, that is the sickest toy I've ever seen! I keep only female hands in my freezer. (ok, that even scared me a little)


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