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Pizza Hut

Last night, I placed an order for Pizza Hut pizza online at 3:13PM to be picked up at 6:30PM. At 6:35PM, I arrived at the store, and they told me it would be a few more minutes.

Heh. OK.

At 7:00PM, my pizza was not ready. It was 35 minutes late. And they had the order over 3 hours ahead of its due time.

When I asked what the problem was, no one could answer me. I saw dozens of people come and go with delivery orders and other pick up orders. Mine sat unfinished.

It does not take 35 minutes to cook a pizza. I have called in orders that were ready in 15 minutes. Now, if that pizza had been put on when I got there--even if they had somehow missed it--it would have been ready about 6:50. It was not. That is about the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Pizza Hut has lost my business. Stuffed crust or not, I will never go back. I do not take this sort of thing lightly. I wasn't even offered a refund. I was told a $15 credit would go on my account (I doubt it will). Great. That is so helpful since I'm NEVER COMING BACK.

Thanks, Pizza Hut, for giving me a blog post. And, absolutely nothing else.


  1. Restaurants all over the place are quickly losing business and customers. With low wages, we can hardly blame the workers for not really caring; however, that's not the only reason we are seeing this.

    I also blame laziness and a couldn't care less attitude.

    Third, I blame poor training. They're putting people into customer service positions where instead these idiots barely qualify for washing elephants at the zoo.

  2. Hey we were just talking about the breadstix from there the other day....Sorry you didnt get yo pizza hunnnyyyy.

  3. Next time you want pizza, think about in 24 hours in advance and call Ginos. You will be in for the treat of your life.

  4. There is nothing more sacrosanct than one's pizza order. Sounds like mommaaa arrived early and stole your order.

    Now I know where some of those displaced autoworkers of ours have gone.

  5. Had to look up sacrosanct. Sad.
    Mommaaaa would never steal my pizza. She buys me food--she doesn't steal it from me. I can always count on Mommaaaa to buy me some Texas cheese fries when I'm broke. She's a good Mommaaaa!
    And, I think you may be right about those autoworkers, DaBlade.

  6. I'm seing a lot of fast food joints lose
    customers because of incompetent employees.

  7. Poor training and low wages will take the wind out of customer service pretty quickly, but you ordered you pizza in a manner that was probably out of routine. As you said, if you'd simply walked in and ordered it you would have had it already. That kind of order is part of their routine. Ordering online was probably the brainchild of some bureaucrat in corporate headquarters. Whoever came up with the idea did not provide time or funds to change the established routine of the staff.


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