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Scarecrows Didn't Scare-up Enough for Guinness

Awhile back, I told you about the city of Hoschton's attempt to break the Guinness world record for most scarecrows in one place. Well, apparently, they didn't get the Guinness record on some stupid technicality--even though they exceeded the previous record by over 2,000 scarecrows. According to the AJC, the scarecrows had to all be in one place, as in the town. Hoschton had them spread throughout the town's zip code--which is not the same as in the town, according to Guinness. Now, is that just stupid or is that just stupid? I mean, have you seen the size of Hoschton? It's a stop sign on a black top, a speck on a map, a blink and you miss it. And, I do not exaggerate.

"Hoschton toasted its new world record for 'The Most Scarecrows in One Location' with a bonfire on Saturday evening at the Kenerly farm on Ga. Hwy. 53. A U.S.-based company, the World Records Academy, gave the city the title..."
So, they do hold a world record, but they are not in the Guinness book. I find that a little ridiculous, but we all know in our hearts that they beat that record--by over 2,000. And, I think that's enough for them. That put that tiny little town on the map for a lot more people than had ever known it before. I'm really proud of them for thinking up something creative to get people into the city and increase revenues without increasing the residents' taxes 10-fold. Bravo, Small Town, USA, bravo!


  1. Sometimes it's not clear in the book defining the actual record.

  2. What it really boils down to is that Guinness wanted more money--money to oversee their attempts--which the city wouldn't pay. And, so, they mysteriously didn't get it on a technicality. I think that's a little fishy.

  3. They should just take all the scrows and pile em up at the Guinness front door. Would that be packed enough in one spot to make em happy?


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