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Abnormalities of the Male Penis 2nd Ed & Mudbutt Anonymous

The other day, I gave you some info about who had visited my site. The number of hits off the dreaded penis post was astonishing. I found it mildly hilarious that people searched for such atrocities as "abnormalities of the male penis" and "heavy lifting now testicles hurt and penis soft". OK, let's he honest, it was way more than mild hilarity. I had to pick myself up off the floor and wipe my tears.

And, yes, I am so immature and childish and whatnot that the shit is STILL funny. And, to stoke the fire, there are MORE. Yes, two new additions to our penis family are the "penile abnormalities" and "pictures of penis abnormalities". Oh, he wants to see pictures... What a freak! For proof, see below (click for larger):

But, it doesn't stop there. I was so enjoying my penis envy when I came upon this little gem (click for larger):

Yes, that says "mudbutt anonymous" What. The. Fuck?!


  1. Have you done a search for mudbutt anonymouse and discover what that means? It might be scary what you find out.

  2. Maybe people thought that you were referring to Barack Obama?

  3. Trust me, it's only a coincidence that I showed up when you had a blog about the "abnormalities of the male penis" !

    I actually followed your link from your comment on DD2's blog.

  4. Suuuuuurrrreee, Frankie. Suuuuurrreeee...

  5. OK, DD2 might be on to something. Sort of like playing a record backwards to see if there is a secret message.

    An anagram for "abnormalities of the male penis" just happens to be "A Obama Pelosi Inherent Leftism"

    Check it out if you don't believe me. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Is this penis ever gonna die?? LOL


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