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Join the Snuggie Cult

You've seen them. They haunt your TV after midnight. And, now, they're beginning to lurk in your primetime commercials. They're Snuggies. "The blanket with sleeves." The horror.

I was a little irritated at this article from USA Today. I mean, why are you fanning the flames of this stupidity? USA Today? Get real. Post some news.

These things have developed a cult-like following, which is fitting considering you look like a cult member wearing one. Or at least a monk. Especially in the burgundy. Creepy.

I've been saying it since day one, why don't you just wear your robe backwards? Jay Leno apparently said that on his show (see above link), but I said that shit months ago. He stole that from me. The bastard.

Anyway, go ahead and rush right out and buy one. And, get your free book light. But don't expect it any time soon. Dissatisfied customers say they don't come in the four to six weeks promised in those infomercials. Sorry, kids.


  1. I had a friend who said it took forever to get it. They have them at Sears for 50% off.

  2. By the way, don't you think the Snuggie cult will suffer from the popularity of the Obama cult?

  3. This product is sought after by cheap bastages who can't afford heat. But here's the problem no one thinks about: These things generate a LOT of static electricity. My neighbor had to put his cat outside because it got shocked as it sat on his lap and then the cat clawed him up pretty bad.

    If you really want one though, don't pay P&H, just go to bed bath beyond, they have them there, and nearly everything else you see on tv for only $19.95.

  4. Who would have thought that this thing would have become a viral hit? I have to admit that I always smile when I see the ad. Remember all of the Billy Mays commercials? On my site (linked here) I made a small list with links to his stuff. Now those are funny!

  5. Linz, I swear I haven't seen the commercial (don't watch too much tv)... Are these snuggle thingys highly absorbent? *just wondering if one would save a trip to bathroom during night*

  6. those Snuggie infomercials draw me in like a magnet, though i haven't gotten to the point of actually buying one yet


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